Why use Section Lift and Modular Spreader Beams

Published: 28th September 2010
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When it comes to lifting heavy rail track equipment or rail beams, spreader beams should always be used. When lifting a load, standard spreader beams are designed to hold the load attachments apart, usually vertically. This is to prevent crushing or distortion. Multi point spreader beams are also able to support fragile loads which would be damaged if lifted with too few lift points. Traditional spreader beams tend to be designed for a single lift and cannot easily be reused for different spans or weights.

Sectional or modular beams can be assembled to form virtually any span or configuration allowing for a cost effective lifting solution for a wide range of lifting and handling applications.

Section Lift modular spreader beams are more often uses because they offer a versatile system of interchangeable components which are assembled to offer a wide array of lifting solutions from simple 2 point spreader beams to multi beam lift rigs.

Section Lift spreader beams are available in ranges from 0.5 tonnes to 350 tonnes capacity and in lengths of up to 32m in length. All Section Lift spreader beams undergo rigorous test and inspection procedures both during the manufacture process and prior to dispatch and carry full certification in compliance with all current European regulations and standards.

Some examples of equipment that can be lifted using Section Lift spreader beams include:

Railway track equipment

Pre assembled track sections

Railway Engines / vehicles

Pre-cast concrete assemblies


Pre assembled steelwork

Modular spreading beams provide key features including flexibility, mobility and constructed form light weight materials and offer a wide range of accessories.

The spreader beam has two slings connecting up to the hook, one sling from each end of the spreader. It is instantly recognizable. The spreader beam is spreading the lifting points apart, and experiences mainly axial forces (compression). If the spreader was not there, the axial forces could crush the load, depending on what is being lifted, or the slings may clash with an odd shaped load.

Lifting beams differ in that they usually have a single central lifting lug. The section of the lifting beam is usually a lot deeper than an equivalent spreader beam because the lifting beam will experience much more bending, whereas the spreader is mainly experiencing axial forces.

The Modulift Spreader Beam System is a modular concept with a wide range of sizes to choose from, depending on the application. Every spreader will feature two End Units and two Drop Links. Intermediate struts are bolted between the End Units, to make up the desired length or span. By purchasing a full set, the struts are interchangeable to enable the user to re-assemble the spreader in many different configurations.

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